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On premature utterances

2014/10/18 3 comments

I had observed long since that to give the thought a just & full expression, I must not prematurely utter it. Better not to talk of the matter you are writing out. It was as if you had let the spring snap too soon. [Emerson, Journal A]

For a while now, since completing my reading of Emerson’s Essays & Lectures, I have felt that this blog has outlived its usefulness. In its early stages, the prospect of a readership induced me to write; without such a prospect in my mind, I would not have written out my ideas. Today, thanks to my efforts here, I am in the habit of writing for myself, and do not need an external audience – at least not yet. That has been the good effect of my blogging.

What, however, have I posted here but premature utterances, if my posts be considered in themselves and not for their role as a sort of training? Every idea on which I wrote was one I was in the process of working out but had not worked out fully. Nothing was a finished project, but always a work in progress. Yet the air of finality given them has, perhaps, prevented their further development: they were dropped from the tree before they were ripe, and now they rot.

For that reason, I believe it is time to cease blogging – but not writing. I now retreat into the solitude of my own thoughts, and set to work on myself for myself.


A request

2013/11/09 1 comment

Please do not like my posts if you have not read them. I am not flattered by likes; merely disgruntled when they are obviously not genuine, where by ‘genuine’ I mean that they reflect actual engagement with what I’ve written. If you have not read and been stimulated to thought by my post, then you did not like it.

Better yet, don’t like them at all. If you want to show appreciation, a comment is much better than a like, since from a comment it is possible (usually) to tell whether someone engaged in a conversation with my writing. (“Great post” is utterly indistinguishable from a like, for the record, and equally fails to flatter.)

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