I find myself still a newcomer to the world of poetry. I do not allow that to stop my reflecting upon it.

A.R. Ammons

April 19, 2014: So I said I am Ezra
April 23, 2014: The peaks coughing bouldered / laughter shook to pieces

Emily Dickinson

January 6, 2013: Emily Dickinson’s Paradox of Death
November 16, 2013: Skepticism at the margins IV: But, what of that?
December 27, 2013: Dickinson’s vital death
December 31, 2013: Dickinson’s invitation to Dickinson
March 20, 2014: Dickinson: continuation and finality
August 3, 2014: “When Night is almost done –”

Robert Frost

June 23, 2013: Poetry and the thawing wind

Friedrich Nietzsche

July 19, 2014: Aus hohen Bergen (translation)

Walt Whitman

August 16, 2012: Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, and also Nietzsche, because
December 18, 2013: On the nothing new, having no alternative, the sun shone
December 20, 2013: They will not let me off

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